12 जुलाई 2018

Teachers who will encroach CM, will be dismissed from duty: OP SONI

Education Minister OP SONI Soni has made preparations to surround the union leaders who are performing in the streets leaving school. Soni has instructed the teacher to give two pieces of reply: If any mobilization interferes with the education of children, trying to encroach on the CM, then it will be dismissed directly. Not only this, Sony has questioned the transfers of teachers.

EM  said  that there is no solution for any transfer. According to him,  transfer will be done only once. He said  that at present, children studying in government schools are spending Rs. 3000. Despite this, the children of Punjab go to private schools except government schools, it will not be tolerated. For this, the education department has prepared the outline. If an officer and teacher is negligent in the education service, then he will not be tolerated. Punjab's education system can be cured only if all officers give duty with honesty. On transfers, Sony said that teachers should not be transferred. He will only transfer the teachers once. This list will be on this week. It is clear from this that the education department will not do this on the transfer application of teachers this time. Cancer, widow, blind teacher and kidney patients will be relaxed in relieving the transfer of teachers. If the marriage of daughter gets away, she will also have the right to transfer.

Education Minister said that if the teacher arrives at Chandigarh on the day of school and performs dharna in Chandigarh, then action will be taken against him. The government respects teachers. Their justifiable demands will also be considered, but it is not that two-two hundred teachers come to Chandigarh and perform poor studies. Education Minister said that if there is a union, then a one-two delegation will come and meet. Government will not be afraid of threats.

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