26 नवंबर 2021

हिमाचल हाईकोर्ट का बड़ा फैसला, बीएड डिग्री धारक बनेंगे जेबीटी

 Those who do BEd will also be able to become JBT, Himachal High Court's decision

Shimla. Those who have done B.Ed can also become JBT i.e. B.Ed degree holders will also be able to teach students from first to fifth grade. Himachal High Court has given this order. In fact, a case was filed in the Himachal High Court against the entry of B.Ed degree holders in JBT recruitment. This case was done on behalf of JBT trainees. The premise of this case was made that those who have done B.Ed cannot be given a chance in the recruitment of JBT. Because BEd degree holders can get chance in other recruitments. Whereas if a JBT trainee is not a B.Ed degree holder, then he does not get opportunities elsewhere.

However, the Himachal High Court considered this basis to be insufficient and now according to the High Court's decision, holders of B.Ed degree will also be eligible for JBT. Earlier, on November 12, the Himachal Pradesh High Court had reserved its decision on the JBT batch wise recruitment case. A division bench of Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan and Justice Satyen Vaidya had reserved the verdict after hearing the petitions filed by Pushpa Devi and others.

The petitioners had submitted that they are B.Ed pass and they are eligible for these posts of JBT under the notification of NCTE dated June 28, 2018. The government is not giving them the benefit of this notification. The petitioners have demanded that they should also be called for interview for JBT batch wise recruitment and be considered for these posts.

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