Saturday, December 29, 2018

HPPSC Declared Result from the waiting panel of the post of Shastri Post code-635

As per the approval of the Apex Commission, the result of the next 06 candidates {General(UR)=04, OBC(UR)=01 & SC(UR)=01} for the post of Shastri (on contract) Post Code- 635 from the waiting panel is as under:

Sr. No. Roll No. Name DOB Cat. Sub Cat. Total Distt. Allotted

 1 635003446 KALPNA 26-Nov-88 GENERAL UR 75.81 Hamirpur

2 635002209 LATA DEVI 23-Feb-89 GENERAL UR 75.80 Hamirpur

3 635003656 PRASHANT KUMAR 10-Sep-90 GENERAL UR 75.80 Kullu

4 635000993 DINESH KUMAR 7-Jul-88 GENERAL UR 75.78 Kullu

 5 635004205 KULDEEP 25-Jan-93 OBC UR 67.76 Hamirpur

 6 635002640 NIVEDITA KUMARI 25-Feb-92 SC UR 66.56 Hamirpur

 The DA concerned is directed to send the recommendations to the Deputy Director of Elementary Education, Hamirpu and Kullu , Himachal Pradesh, with reference to their letter No. EDN-HMR(Ele.)E-V/Apptt//2017/-54878-879 dt. 12.12.2018 and No. EDN-KLU(A)B(E-III)4/2010/-Apptt.-24001 dated 07.12.2018 respectively.

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