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Syllabus and criteria for Clerk requirement Written test shall consist of two parts viz. Part-
A and Part-B:
Part-A (Screening Test)
It shall be in English Language consisting of MCQ type carrying four choices for each question, out of which the correct answer shall have to be given by the candidate on
OMR answer sheet by blackening the appropriate circle or
any other mode as suggested in the question paper/O.M.R.
sheet. Each question shall carry equal weightage of one
mark. The Screening test shall be of two hours duration comprising 100 questions of 100 marks in aggregate,
touching the following subjects:

1) 1) General Knowledge 70 Marks.

2) Basic knowledge of Computers 10 marks.
3) Reasoning 20 marks.

PART-B (English and Hindi)
Written Test shall be of total 80 marks to be completed in 2 hours consisting of the following:-
(i) Essay, in English - 500 words 25 marks
(ii) Essay, in Hindi - 500 words
25 marks
(iii) Translation from English to Hindi
(one Paragraph containing at
least ten sentences) 15 marks
(iv) Translation from Hindi to English
(one Paragraph containing at least ten sentences) 15 marks
Typing Test:
 Within one year of appointment, the candidates
shall have to qualify, typing test with speed of 30 W.P.M., in English, on computers.
Provided that only 10% of the mistakes in typing test shall be permitted.
Criterion for Awarding marks for Educational
(i) Any Bachelor Degree 1 mark
(ii) Bachelor Degree with first division   2  marks
(iii) LLB/Master Degree and
above 3  marks.

Criterion for Awarding marks for Experience
(i) One year ½ m ark
(ii) Two years 1 mark
(iii) Three years 1½ marks
(iv) Four years 2 marks
(v) Five years 2½ marks
(vi) Six years and above 3

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href="https://hphighcourt.nic.in/pdf/Rules_StenoTypistJW.pdf">Syllabus and criteria for the recruitment of Stanographer
Judgement Writer

For Junior office assistant

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