Thursday, October 4, 2018

High court orders to start BEd counseling from 8th October

The High Court has issued orders to Himachal Pradesh university to start counseling for BEd course in private institutions from October 8. This counseling will be continue after 8th October. High court gave a strong reaction to the discriminatory attitude of the State University.

It was alleged in the petitions that the date of counseling for government institutions was fixed for the period from October 3 to 5, while the date for counseling for the private institutions was not determined, due to which it is assumed that the government and private institutions run courses and subjects which are different.

Registrar of the University, acknowledged this before the High Court that there was a mistake in not fixing the date of counseling of BEd for private institutions from the University and he assured the court that there would be no such mistake in the future.

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